Summary of Restrictive Covenants

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1. Mandatory Homeowners Association. 

2. Architectural Committee review of all house plans.

3. All single story homes must comprise a minimum of 2,600 square feet of living area and all one and one-half or two-story homes must comprise a minimum of 2,000 square feet of living area on the first level, with a total minimum of 2,800 square feet.


4. An attached and enclosed garage providing a space for a minimum of two automobiles shall be provided on each lot.  Doors shall be made of wood or have a wood veneer finish that is compatible with the architecture of the house.


5. All exteriors must consist of 65% masonry, exclusive of windows and doors. The Architectural Committee may, upon written request in particular instances, approve a waiver of this restriction.



6. Any exposed stem wall shall be covered with brick, stone, or stucco.


7. Windows on all street elevations must be made exclusively of wood or wood clad.


8. All roofs are to be covered with a wood grained composition roofing material having a thirty year rating or more, such as Weathered Wood and Thunderstorm Grey by Tamco Heritage, "Grand Manor" Colonial Slate by Certain Teed, etc.  Slate or tile, if approved by the Architectural Committee.



9. All roof flashing and valleys shall be made of bronze or copper.  All roof vents are to be painted to blend with the roof material. 



10. All outbuildings shall be of similar architectural style to the principal dwelling, a maximum size of 475 square feet and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.



11. All fences shall consist of wood, brick, stucco, stone or wrought iron.  No fence shall exceed six feet in height.  Portions of Lots 13 - 20, 22 and 23 of Block One abutting Reserve Area "I" or Coal Creek are required to have wrought iron, if fenced.



12. All mail boxes shall be constructed using material of similar architectural style to the principal dwelling and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.



13. All retaining walls shall be constructed of the same materials used in the dwelling.  No railroad ties may be used in the construction of any retaining wall.



14. All garages are required to be set back a minimum of 20' from the street easement.


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